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COVID-19 and Food Law: Home



The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has and will continue to have an enormous impact on global food systems.  The purpose of this guide is to provide resources on the intersection of Covid-19 and food law and policy for scholars, researchers, and officials, which comports with the Resnick Center’s mission to provide cutting-edge legal research and scholarship in food law and policy. These resources can also be used to evaluate the role of law in shaping the resiliency of the global food systems to any future sudden disruption. This particular library guide will be part of a larger guide currently being developed by the Resnick Center and the UCLA School of Law Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library on food law and policy.

This library guide will consist mainly at its start of substantive popular press articles, links to various open-access repositories of media reports, and helpful government sites. Over time, this library guide will be populated by legal scholarship and reflective, analytical publications relevant to legal scholarship that will be organized by subject matter and in some cases annotated.

Food law is the application and adaptation of laws, rules, and regulations to our modern food society and its global, national, and local supply chains. The modern “food system,” as this supply chain is often called, is fraught with challenges, problems, and complicated issues. Laws and legal institutions have often had to step up to address these issues, especially in times of distress such as food safety outbreaks, climate change, pandemics such as Avian Influenza, and disease brought on by poor diet. Other than climate change, though, nothing in recent history has the potential to disrupt the food system like COVID-19. The Resnick Center expects this event to foster scholarship even when COVID-19 is brought under control.

We encourage scholars and readers of this library guide to submit articles, blogs, or any substantive publications to be considered for this guide to the Resnick Center.  

Michael T. Roberts, Executive Director, Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy, UCLA School of Law  

Diana R. H. Winters, Assistant Director, Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy, UCLA School of Law

Student Editors: Candace Yamanishi (UCLA Law 2022); Victoria Russell (UCLA Law 2022); Paulina Chau (UCLA Law 2021); Adam Frankel (UCLA Law 2021)