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Law Library Stressbusters for Fall 2021

Your guide to the Library's in-person stressbusters, some fun virtual options, and exam prep help.

Virtual Stressbusters

We bring you photos of pets of your Law School Staff below. This gallery is updated for Fall 2021! Enjoy!

Pets of the UCLA Law School Staff

Ace & Bailey

Ace (left) and Bailey (right) belong to Daniel Sanchez-Salazar in IT.


The beautiful Achoo belongs to Linda Karr O'Connor in the Library.


The super cute Addie belongs to Caitlin Hunter in the Library.

Alaster & Kingsley

How to reduce stress during finals (a tip from Alaster and Kingsley): Naps are restorative! These sibling kitties belong to Brian Hansen in the Records Office.

Arya and Shuri

Arya (tortie) and Shuri (black) belong to Andrea Noto, who is the Admissions Coordinator in Admissions. The cats love to nap; it's probably their second favorite activity after eating!


Barley's humans are Jenny Lentz and Kevin Gerson in the Library.


The resourceful Barry is Brenda Suttonwills' pup. She works in the Office for Student Affairs.


This rescue pup, Bennie (aka Destroyer of Squeakers) belongs to Elsa Duong, who works in the Masters of Legal Studies Program.


Natalie Monsanto of the Promise Institute says, "Every now and then, Bernadette turns the puppy eyes up to eleven. This was one of those times."


Billie is the grandpuppy of Nancy Berkowitz in the Library.

Buster & Scorch

Here’s a photo of Scorch and Buster cat camping.  They lasted about 3 minutes. They belong to Brad Sears in Public Interest Programs. 

Callipoe & Cassandra

These lovely kitties belong to Patrick Lavey of the Library.


Marta Martinez of the Library says, "Chloe's the most loving, brightest, sweetest and cutest quarantine companion you could ever wish for. She loves to go on long walks & car trips."


Coco is a one-year-old Shih Tzu mix belong to Mailo Haro in IT Development. Coco enjoys walks on the beach and playing fetch!

Coco & Max

Coco and Max are sister and brother, even though they don’t look identical.  Their full names are Coco Louise Haring Greener McAllister and Maxwell Ford Haring Greener McAllister. They belong to Gary Greener in the Office of Career Services.

Coco & Nico

These two adorable pups belong to Lauren Kim of the Dean's Office.


Dib’s human is Rebecca Fordon in the Library, and she loves to get belly rubs and show off her jelly bean toes.

Drax the Destroyer

He may be small, but he is Mighty!  Drax loves to play ball and enjoys sticking his head out the window during car rides.

Drax the Destroyer belongs to Alexandra Mata, the Program Coordinator for the Institute for Technology, Law and Policy.


Ellie is a 4 year old foxhound mix, who Kathy Wyer in Communications adopted in August 2020 from Turkey where she had been a street dog in Istanbul for about a year before she was rescued and went to live at a sanctuary.  


Fig was adopted in June by Jennifer Garafolo in the Library.  She is 8 months old  and she loves cardboard boxes and paper bags!


Fred is a new puppy to Andrea Monos in the Office of Career Services. He is a 7 month old Bernedoodle. Here he is in his Halloween costume!


Goldie belongs to Lara Stemple in Graduate Studies. She doesn’t like the sound of vacuum cleaners and turns to belly rubs and piano music to unwind. 


Harriet is a sweet, adorable Labrador belonging to Linda Karr O'Connor in the Library and her daughter Siobhan.


Hunter belongs to Frank Lopez in Communications. Here he is resting after a long Zoom!


Ivan, burrito style! All wrapped up in his tortilla towel!  He still prefers Zoom, but doesn't get on as much these days.

Ivan the incredible Iguana belongs to Summer Rose in the Clinical Program. 


Jack, the Shih Tzu, is Max Belasco's. Max works in IT and with the Empirical Research Group. Jack is a rescue, who would love to be an in person therapy dog!


Jack is a beagle mix, so he won’t stop “talking” whenever he wants something! Jack belongs to Scott MacKnight, who works in IT.

Kobe & Kaya

These impressive pups belong to Brooke Spencer in External Affairs.


Koda is the king of the house and knows all of his commands, but "we’re still working on “no” especially when on the couch!" He belongs to Susan Lasher in Human Resources.


Laddie, a Golden Retriever, is 14 years old and (as you can see from the photo) is still in love with his teddy bear and he likes to carry it around and offer it to people, although he’s really very reluctant to give it up (it’s an old teddy, too!). He belongs to Kathy Wyer in Communications.

Leibel & Mendel

Liebel and Mendel are are brothers. They belong to Stephanie Davidson in Externships, whoc says: "They love each other SO much, they always remind the humans in the house how much affection and cuddles matter."


Leo belongs to Brooke Spencer in External Affairs, who calls him her "COVID kitten." He was adopted from Stray Cat Alliance and has brought nothing but joy to their lives since April.

Luna D. Waxman

This is Luna D. Waxman ("D" stand for dog). she is pretty lazy but does like the beach!

Luna belongs to Grace Meng in the Epstein Program.


Meeko is a fluffy ball of energy and loves all human food. Meeko belongs to Susan Lasher in Human Resources.


Miles, a Shih Tzu, belongs to Carmina Ocampo in Student Affairs. He loves cheese and his fur is very soft & fluffy. He looks like a cloud after he has been washed & groomed. Pontiff Miles is sporting his Halloween costume here!


Motu is a labradoodle who loves the beach! Motu belongs to Andrea Monos in the Office of Career Services.


Where's Nigel?! The super sweet Nigel belongs to Elyse Meyers in the Library.


The elegant Nika belongs to Jamie Libonate in the Office of Public Interest Programs.


Nova is posing on her favorite rock and is having a wonderful time! "Or at least, she looks happy to me," says her owner, Nancy Berkowitz from the Library.


Olive loves to sleep on a certain blue chair and if anyone else sits there she stares at them waiting for them to move!  Olive belongs to Rachel Estrada in the Milken Institute.


Sean Pine Treacy in Student Services says: "This is my “grand dog" Ollie. He is so much fun!"


Penelope is a 6 year old samoyed who belongs to Erin Han in the Office of Career Services.  She is a floofy joy who loves to think up new and interesting ways to outsmart her humans.

Penny Bell

The adorable puppy is Beth Moeller's (of Career Services) niece!


Peppermint, who belongs to Victoria Haindel in the Library, was rescued around the Christmas Holidays – hence his name. Victoria says, "Something I like about my Peppermint is that he eats eggs every morning to keep his body looking good!" 


Piojo is 9 months old and LOVES his daily park play dates. He's getting really good at Frisbee. He belongs to Clarissa Moran who works in the Williams Institute.  


Riley is 7 months old and certainly has her quarantine routine down pat! And yes, Netflix, she is still watching. Riley belongs to Caitlin Coughlin in the Dean's Office.


Exercise is a great way to destress, so here is Sarky, the Dachshund, shooting some hoops. She may not be very tall, but she's a monster in the paint. She belongs to Michael Karanicolas in the Institute for Technology Law & Policy.


Shulamith, Shulie for short, also belongs to Max Belasco. She, along with her brother Jack, is a rescue.


Snuggles, snuggling. Snuggles also belongs to Frank Lopez in Communications.

Stray Cats

Working can wait...

Here are two of the stray cats who adopted Andres Ybarra's family. Andres works in the Library.

Stray Cats -- the gang

Here is the rest of the stray cat gang who adopted Andres' family. Morris is orange. Drug Killer and Shadow Killer are the black cats, eating. Momma Cat in the middle, always looking at you, she trusts no one. Next to her is Snowball (white). Bubbles is the gray cat and--ugh!--she’s pregnant! (Anyone looking to adopt kittens?) And lastly by the gate, Mr. McFeely (Siamese). All are COVID-19 refugees. Can you tell his kiddo named the kitties?


Tallulah is a nearly 2 year old rescue pup, she loves to burrow under anything (especially the duvet)! Here she is--caught in the act! Naughty Tallulah! She belongs to Kate Mackintosh from the Promise Institute.

Teddy D. Bear

Teddy belongs to Professor Eileen Scallen.


This Teddy belongs to Frank Lopez in Communications and completes his trio of fluffy white dogs!


Trudy is 60% Teddy bear, 40% mutt. She belongs to Michelle deBaroncelli in External Affairs.


Twinkie is another adorable cat belonging to Jamie Libonate.


Zayn completes the trio of cats in Jamie Libonate's household!

Coloring / Origami

For this section, we must acknowledge our colleagues at UC Davis Mabie Law Library for compiling all these great coloring and Origami sites.

Online Drawing & Coloring Pages



Online Versions of Board Games: