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Remote Instruction Resources for UCLA School of Law


Live polling options in Zoom

With Zoom, there are a number of different polling tools available: while the simplest one is its built-in polling feature, only meeting-originators (i.e., your Faculty Assistant) can create polls for your Zoom class. Without them doing so beforehand, the poll button will not show on your Zoom toolbar during class. Therefore, if you like that option, please contact your Faculty Assistant and ask them to create a poll for your class. If you go that route, please consider a generic multiple choice poll (A. B. C...without particular answers) that you'd be able to use "on the fly" with all your class Zoom meetings. (If you teach more than one course, one poll will have to be created for each of your courses.) Another option in Zoom is asking participants to use the Yes/No voting in the Participants window.

If you are a frequent user of polling in class, and use PowerPoint during class, please consider using PollEverywhere's PowerPoint app. As of September 1, the PowerPoint integration is new and is still being tested. We therefore recommend using the Zoom Poll feature or the PollEverywhere web-based polls for a few weeks while we put together instructions on how to integrate it with your PowerPoint presentation. Here is how it would work: After you have installed the PowerPoint version of this service, your PowerPoint (as a menu add-on, on a PC, and as a separate app on OS) will allow you to insert a poll slide into your PowerPoint presentation (after a prompt to log on with your license). During class, when your PowerPoint slide show arrives to that poll slide, the students will see both the multiple choice questions and directions on responding to them online–they will be asked to do so by browsing to, and entering your on-screen PollEverywhere ID (e.g., FirstLast123). Their aggregated results will immediately display on the same PowerPoint poll slide that you have been sharing. If you want to obtain your license for the PollEverywhere PowerPoint download, please email LawNET's Help Desk.

PollEverywhere PowerPoint integration: Overview instructions from

An easy way to create an in-class poll and integrate it with your PowerPoint presentation--for live Zoom, and in-person class. Student enter their responses in real-time via a web browser or on their phones.

More ways to use assessments or conduct quizzes in or outside of class

CCLE (Common Collaboration and Learning Environment) is UCLA’s Course Management System.

The quizzing tool in CCLE offers a number of features that may be useful to Law Faculty:

  • Build questions into a question bank that can be copied and reused in future terms
  • Create a variety of question types including True/False, Multiple Choice, short answer, essay, etc. 
  • For Multiple Choice or True/False questions, instructors are able to provide curated immediate feedback, if desired
  • Flexibility in multiple choice responses and number of tries per question
  • Flexibility in feedback for students and access to answers
  • Reports on student responses to assess student learning and question quality

NOTE: If you wish to officially grade your quizzes/assessments, this is the option you should choose.

Since the Law School uses MyLaw for course management, CCLE pages and access to the quizzing functionality is enabled by request.  Please contact Sangeeta Pal to activate your course page or for additional questions.

The Library subscribes to the LibWizard platform, which is from the same company that produces LibGuides. It is an easier to use alternative to CCLE, offering many of the same features as CCLE quizzing. LibWizard can be used for informal grading (i.e., for the students' information to assess how well they performed); however, if you wish to use quizzing or assessments for formal grading, CCLE (above) is your only option.

LibWizard can be used for surveys, quizzes, assessments, tutorials and forms. Login to LawNET for quiz access is available and can be activated as needed. Follow the link below for a brief overview and video on LibWizard's features.

Please see LibWizard Overview.

If would like to use LibWizard or have further questions, please contact Donna Gulnac.