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Remote Instruction Resources for UCLA School of Law


Using Breakout Rooms

What Are Breakout Rooms?

Breakout rooms are a feature of Zoom.  They allow you to temporarily split the participants of your main class session into separate sessions for a time, and then invite them back into the main session again. For example, you can start your Zoom class with all 40 of your students, then split them into 10 breakout rooms of 4 students each, then bring all 40 back into the main room again. You can assign your students to specific breakout groups manually if you want to group specific students together, or you can tell Zoom how many breakout rooms you want, and Zoom will randomly assign students to that many rooms.  

Video made possible by colleagues on the UCLA HumTech Instructional technology team.

Providing a document to your student during a Zoom session

Whether in a breakout room, or in full forum, to provide your students a document, you would need to paste a share link to it in the chat box of Zoom. This Share Link would allow them to download to their computer a respective OneDrive file (preferred) or Google Docs file. If you haven't installed OneDrive already and aren't certain how to best create a Share Link to a file, your Faculty Assistant can create that link for you beforehand.