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Remote Instruction Resources for UCLA School of Law


Supplementing My Class with Existing Instructional Modules (such as from CALI, West, etc.)

Some options for existing Instructional Modules


Existing instructional modules, videos, and audio lectures are available from a number of legal content providers.  Click on the other tabs in this box for links to some of the options currently available at UCLA Law. 

Under the "Lessons" menu on the home page, you can access all lesson options. 

Under the "Content Type" menu on the home page, you will find "Audio Lectures," "Office Hours," and "Video" options. 
Explore these content types which include the new "Office Hours" series: 
The Office Hours series is a collection of short audio and video tracks that tackle some of the thorniest questions plaguing law students.  The series features a variety of notable law faculty explaining students’ most frequently asked office hour questions.  With clear and easy-to-understand explanations, these professors will help you reach that “lightbulb” moment of comprehension.  

From the "Videos" tab on the home page, you can access all video options. 

From the "Learning" tab on the home page, click on "Go to CLE Videos" then click on "Content Library" where you will be able to access all video options.