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Kenyan Court Cases



I collected these court records in Kenya in 1967-68 while engaged in field research (supported by a Foreign Area Fellowship) for my Ph.D. dissertation on the customary law of civil wrongs at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. These are verbatim transcriptions of the court records from most of the nearly 100 primary courts handling customary law cases, as well as appeals. I describe this research in the following articles: "Case Method Research in the Customary Laws of Wrongs in Kenya--Part I:  Individual Case Analysis; Part II:  Statistical Analysis."  V East African Law Journal 247-91 (1969); VI EALJ 20-60 (1970); an abridged version of this article appeared as "Customary Laws of Wrongs in Kenya:  an essay in research method," 17 American J. of Comparative Law 573-626 (1969); "Western Courts in Non-Western Settings:  Patterns of Court Use in Colonial and Neo-Colonial Africa," in B.E. Harrell-Bond and S. Burman (eds.).  The Imposition of Law 167-200.  New York: Academic Press, 1979.

Rick Abel

Michael J. Connell Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus
Distinguished Research Professor

UCLA School of Law

How to Use this Guide

For each court, the cases are arranged two ways.  The first is a pdf document of all the cases from that court.  This document is keyword searchable by using the Find function (Ctrl-F) to search the entire group of cases.  The second arrangement is an alphabetical listing of all the cases from each court.