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Federal Legislative History

This research guide provides assistance to UCLA School of Law students tracing the legislative history of a federal statute.

What are Compiled Legislative Histories?

Compiled legislative histories take all of the major documents that were generated in the process of passing a bill, from different drafts of the bill to committee reports to committee hearings, and compile them into a single web page or print book.

If a compiled legislative history is available, it is your single best starting point for legislative history research and can allow you to skip directly to reading the legislative history materials, without having to track them down individually. 

Locate a Compiled Legislative History

Once you've identified the relevant public law number, you can usually retrieve the complete legislative history by searching for the public law number in the format PL 93-406 on ProQuest Legislative Insight: 

If ProQuest Legislative Insight does not have a legislative history for a public law or if you'd like to retrieve additional legislative histories, you can also check the following sources: