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Journal Article Research (Non-Legal): Finding Articles in a Specific Journal

This is a brief guide to searching for online articles using resources available at UCLA.

Important Note About Access to Databases

Be sure to read the Access to Databases Guide carefully before beginning your research.

UCLA Library links for Article & Database Searching

Melvyl Library Catalog

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Quick List of Helpful Links

Google Scholar

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The following sets of instructions are for finding a full-text article if you already have some information about it, including the title of the journal/magazine.

Using the UCLA Library Catalog

  1. Go to the Library Catalog to check to see whether UCLA Library has a subscription to the journal/magazine by typing its name in the Search box and selecting “Journal Title (start of)” from the drop-down menu next to “in.”  For example, if you are looking for an article in the Harvard Business Review, type “Harvard Business Review” in the search box.

  2. If the Library owns this title, the screen will display a table listing one or more matches.  Look for the name of the journal under “Full Title” and click on the link to retrieve detailed information about the journal and the Library’s holdings.

  3. If this journal is available online, the holdings record will indicate ONLINE ACCESS and include links to the databases in which that journal is available through the UCLA Library system.  The links also provide information on the scope of online availability for that journal.  For example, the results for Harvard Business Review show that it has selected article text from v. 1 through Business Source Complete.

  4. If the article you’re seeking falls within the scope of online coverage indicated, click on the link.  This will take you to the “UC-eLinks,” then click the link under "Get it Online From" to proceed to the online version of the journal.

  5. From here you can navigate to your specific issue and article by following the appropriate links for your citation if you have it, or use the search link to search by author and/or title.

Using Melvyl (UC Libraries Catalog)

  1. Go to Melvyl or use our Melvyl Search Box on the top left side of this guide and type in your journal name, e.g., Harvard Business Review.

  2. Click the link for the appropriate result. This page will allow you to search the publication for the title or author of an article within the journal: 

    Melvyl Results
  3. Depending on how specific your search is, you'll either be brought to a list of results or a single result as below. Once you've located your article, click the "UC eLinks" box to access the full text of the article.