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Classes / Remote Instruction

What is the instruction plan for Fall 2020?

In Fall 2020, we plan to offer all remote classes, except for limited in-person instruction for certain live-client clinics to the extent allowable under state, county, and campus health guidance. Note that the Academic Calendar has been amended to provide for an on-campus interview week from January 19 – January 22.

Exams will be administered remotely.

Has the Law School reached any decisions regarding Spring 2021?

We expect to continue to be significantly remote in our January term and in our Spring 2021 semester, and anyone who wants to make degree progress remotely will have that option through the end of the academic year and will have the bulk of our curriculum available to them.

I'm considering taking the fall semester off. When do I need to decide?

Tuition and fees will be charged to incoming and returning students on July 16, 2020. Those fees are due on the following dates:

  • For returning J.D. students - August 20, 2020
  • For incoming LL.M. and returning S.J.D. students - August 10, 2020
  • For incoming J.D. students - August 14, 2020
  • For incoming M.L.S. students - August 14, 2020 

To avoid being charged late fees, students should declare non-attendance through their MyUCLA (main campus) account prior to their fee payment deadline.

After tuition and fees have been charged and paid, students may still withdraw from the term up until the last day of classes, November 25, 2020, by submitting a withdrawal notice to the Records Office ( Please note, the refund schedules presented on the third page of the withdrawal notice will be applied. Additionally, J.D. students who withdraw during their first semester may not return until Fall 2021 and will be required to restart the J.D. program at that time.

How will Fall 2020 grading work?

In Fall 2020, we will resume the traditional grading system. The P/U/NC (or Pass/No Pass) system we adopted more broadly in Spring 2020 was intended to accommodate the mid-semester emergency shift to remote teaching and learning. Looking ahead to the fall semester, we believe students will have more time and institutional resources to prepare for the remote environment. Moreover, faculty have dedicated time and effort during the summer to enhance course design and instructional preparation to implement feedback from the spring semester. In addition, we believe traditional letter grades in Fall 2020 will better support employment outcomes for all students and will provide nuanced information for academic support purposes.

How do I get remote access to classes?

Law school classes being offered through remote learning are generally made available through Zoom or Panopto. Detailed instructions on how faculty and students can access a Panopto recording or Zoom session are available in the Remote Instruction Resources guide (many of the linked resources require a Lawnet account).


Building (Students)

Is UCLA School of Law open?  May I access the kitchen area?

Summer 2020: The Law Building (i.e., not Dodd Hall) can be accessed with your M70 key; however, we continue to discourage coming to the building and staying in it.

Fall 2020: Information for the fall semester is forthcoming. Our hope is that we will be able to allow greater access to the Law Building during the fall term, but that will depend upon the University and DPH guidelines in place during the fall term. 

Summer and Fall 2020: For health and safety mitigation purposes, access to the communal kitchens and refrigerators is prohibited. We encourage students to plan any short visits to the Law School such that they do not include having meals (or, any meals should not require refrigeration or microwaving).

What are the safety protocols for students coming to the Law School?  

Students coming to the law school for brief periods for printing or experiential course meetings must comply with the health and safety protocols then in effect.  At present, students coming to campus must wear a face mask; observe physical distancing from others (6 feet or more); complete an online COVID-19 training module, and complete an online daily symptom check.  The University is also considering a health-focused community commitment document to which students would agree and self-isolation directives.  Repeated disregard of required campus and county health guidelines may constitute a violation of UCLA’s Student Conduct Code.  Note that UCLA’s requirements for COVID-19 symptom monitoring are detailed online.

Is the Law Library open?

The Law Library reopened at 25% capacity on March 8. For more information see:

UCLA Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers are now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccination

UCLA employees, including students employed by the university and those who work in our PreK-12 facilities, are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. To the extent that supplies allow, employees will be invited to schedule vaccination appointments through UCLA Health. Invitations will be sent with priority given to members of our community based on the level of contact they have with on-site individuals, the variety of work locations they visit and where they fall on a social vulnerability index developed by UCLA researchers. Please note that at this time students who are not employed by the university are not eligible for the vaccine in California, but we remain committed to offering these students the vaccine when it becomes available to them.

Employees may also book vaccination appointments via California’s My Turn portal, which allows individuals to schedule appointments at locations throughout the state close to where they live. We encourage everyone in the UCLA community to get the vaccine as early as possible, wherever that may be. For most, it may be faster to schedule an appointment through My Turn since the number of doses UCLA is expected to receive will be far fewer than the number of eligible employees.

If you participate through My Turn you may need to bring documentation (PDF) to your vaccination appointment consisting of a photo ID, proof that you work in the education sector and, if participating in an L.A. County site, proof that you live in L.A. County. If you will be receiving your vaccination at another location, please be sure that you are aware of any employment or residential documentation that may be required at that site. Any student workers who do not have a traditional paystub may obtain a verification letter through their Principal Investigator or other supervisor.

Even after receiving the vaccine, it is important to continue to practice the public health protocols that we have been using over the past year to keep ourselves and others safer. These include maintaining six feet of distance from others; wearing facial coverings over your mouth, nose and chin; avoiding large gatherings and frequently washing your hands. Lastly, University of California policy requires COVID-19 vaccine education training for all faculty and staff. If you have not yet completed your training, you may do so before or after you receive the vaccine.

IT / Technology / Privacy / Printing

How do I reach IT support?

UCLA Law's IT team is available for support via telephone at (310) 825-4689 or, and has created a Remote Work Best Practices Guide in MyLaw. Students in UCLA housing who are experiencing WiFi issues should contact the main campus Student Technology Center (STC) at 310-825-3400 or for assistance; while building network upgrades will continue in September, residents may obtain temporary equipment to help improve the service.

How do I set up needed technology (hardware and software)?

This page is your best resource and starting point.  We recently distributed these recommendations for minimum equipment and internet connection, and will provide additional best practices information, soon.  If you have any follow-up questions, please contact UCLA Law’s IT team via telephone at (310) 825-4689 or at

How are privacy and data protected during remote learning?

The University protects the privacy of faculty, students, and staff while working or participating in educational programs. Moreover, per University policy, UCLA Student Conduct Code 102.28 says that expectations of privacy apply and it specifically prohibits recording without the consent of all recorded parties and prohibits taking photographs where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.  In remote teaching, advising, chatting, and other engagement in course activities remotely there is a reasonable expectation that photographing, screen capture, or other copying methods or recordings will not occur without express permission from all participants.  A violation subjects a student to the disciplinary process.  Do not record your courses and do not release or sell course materials to others.

Law courses are interactive, conversational, Socratic, and often involve challenging topic areas.  When the faculty and students can’t see each other, the quality of the discourse suffers meaningfully.  We will not be responsibly providing an excellent education if a significant fraction of our students opt to turn off their videos.  At the same time, we recognize our students’ personal circumstances may lead to a strong preference otherwise, and we wish to respect that.  We are trying to balance these needs and expectations and hope you will, too.  If you have a personal need to turn your video off, please notify the professor in advance. 

Additionally, please keep in mind that Zoom recordings often generate a file that captures text information from the Chat function.  Chats will record comments to Everyone when using cloud recording; local recordings (i.e., saved on an individual’s computer) will capture Everyone and Private comments for whomever is recording the session.

Can I print at the Law School?  And if so, where?

Because student use of printers located in the Law Building is currently prohibited by LA County’s current restrictions, the Law School has created a temporary student printing service with curbside pickup.  Students may submit print jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however, pickup times will initially be limited to Monday through Friday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Same day print requests, Monday through Friday, must be submitted by 8:00 am.  See the Student Printing information on the LawNET IT MyLaw page for additional details.

Library Services for Students

When will the Law Library reopen?
The Law Library reopened at 25% capacity on March 8, 2021. You can find more details on the Library Reopening page in MyLaw.
Will I have access to law library services and resources if I can't come to the Library?
Yes! Library staff are available to help students remotely with research, access to materials, and assistance with MyLaw. The Law Library has subscriptions to a vast array of online databases, including several study aid packages, HeinOnline, Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law, among many others, all of which are accessible remotely. However, unfortunately, even for students whose classes are purely remote or who lack access to the library’s print course reserve books, the Law Library is unable to purchase licenses for electronic texts and casebooks. Some publishers provided emergency access to electronic casebooks this past spring, but all of these courtesy access programs were discontinued  June 2020 and are no longer available. Students will be expected to purchase either print or electronic versions of their required texts. The Law Library will continue to subscribe to the online West Study Aid Package, which includes all of the books in the Hornbook and Nutshell series, and the online Wolters Kluwer Law School Study Aid Package, which includes Example & Explanations, Emanuel Outlines, and Casenote Briefs.
Visit the MyLaw page outlining Remote Library Services for Students for details.

Can I borrow circulating print materials from the library?

Yes, the Law Library is offering a curbside/walk-in pickup service for Law Library materials. We can also borrow materials from other campus libraries for you for pickup.  See our COVID-19 Services page for details.

Will I have access to my locker in the library? 
Unfortunately, due to campus and county restrictions, you will not have access to your locker in the library until further notice. Contact for further information.
Will I have access to the Law School printers in the Library?

No, but the Law School is offering a curbside printing service for students.

Student Community and Extracurricular Programs

How can my study group or student organization continue its work?

In addition to maximizing in-person course opportunities to the extent possible in Fall 2020, we are also hopeful that we will be able to use the law school building and surrounding outdoor spaces this fall to facilitate some small in-person gatherings, some student organization meetings and some faculty office hours. 

Several remote-conferencing technology solutions are available for study groups, student organization meetings and other gatherings. All UCLA Students have been upgraded to Zoom Pro, which supports up to 300 participants with no time limit. To activate your Zoom Pro license, follow the Activating your Zoom Account instructions on MyLaw.

Other options include Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams, which are available to all students through UCLA Law subscriptions.

Will extracurricular and community-building programs still be available?

There is no doubt that activities and interactions outside of the classroom are also an integral aspect of the UCLA Law student experience.  In a fully remote semester, we will continue to focus on sustaining and reimagining these opportunities.  We hold out hope for small, outdoor, in-person activities, including faculty office hours; academic advising sessions; student organization meetings; among others, if possible under county, state, and campus guidance.  In-person activities must meet physical distancing and all other public health guidelines.  Of course, we recognize that we must create opportunities for online engagements, either on an individual level or in small groups or for the entire community.  If you have ideas or suggestions along these lines, please reach out to SBA or to the Office for Student Affairs (

Housing / Residency / Legal

How do I get information about on-campus housing?

Please visit UCLA Housing's COVID-19 information page, or email

How do I get information about visa-related issues?

Visit the UCLA International Center's COVID-19 page.

How can I obtain advice on a legal matter?

UCLA’s Student Legal Services office is currently accepting requests for Zoom appointments.

How is UCLA making residency determinations for the 2020-21 Academic Year? 

Enrollment in courses for the fall semester delivered via remote instruction will serve as a replacement for physical presence if the following conditions are met:  (1) the UC campus has extended the opportunity for remote instruction, which UCLA has, and (2) the student may qualify for residency on their own without regard to a parent per Regents Policy 3105 I.C.2, or temporarily through a noncustodial California parent per Regents Policy 3105 I.D.4.  Students meeting the above criteria will not need to acquire applicable legal indicia to prove their intent to stay in California by the deadlines in the Guidelines. However, UC expects students to acquire legal indicia as soon as is practicable. Information to this effect, and contact details for any questions, will be posted on the UCLA Registrar’s Office page.

Please refer to the Registrar’s COVID-19 FAQ for any questions or updates and direct all residency-related questions to the UC Residence Deputy Office at

Wellness Resources and More

Campus Resources

Dependent Care Resources

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) has created a page of dependent care resources for the UCLA community. This resource hub includes information on university policy, childcare and education programs, elder care, and other helpful initiatives. 

Dedicated pages were created for faculty, staff, and students.UCLA continues to look for creative ways to support you with your dependent care needs.

Other Resources


Are UCLA health services available?

Yes. Students who believe they need medical attention should visit the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center site. Mental health counseling services are available to students. To speak with a member of the UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services staff, please call (310) 825-0768.

What should I do if I am experiencing flu-like symptoms or believe I may have been exposed to COVID-19?

Students should call the Ashe Center Infection Control Line at (310) 206-6217.  Medical professionals will contact the school if they believe information needs to be shared with the larger law school community (while protecting patient confidentiality).

How does the current situation impact health insurance coverage?

Please contact the Ashe Center with individual coverage questions, including eligibility periods and geographic coverage.  

New York State Bar

How will remote learning affect my status to sit for the New York State Bar?

The New York Court of Appeals has approved a waiver of “distance learning” limitations that enables law students (JDs and LLMs) to continue their coursework remotely through Fall 2020.

Other Questions

What if I have other questions?

Please contact UCLA Law's COVID-19 Task Force at We will respond as quickly as possible.