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Researching for a Scholarly Article or Seminar (SAW) Paper: Bluebooking

A guide to help you get started on your big paper.

How to Use the Bluebook

The Bluebook provides a system of citation for legal articles. When using the Bluebook it is useful to take a few minutes to read the Introduction (first two pages). When writing a scholarly article, you will spend most of your time in the "white pages" and the tables at the back the Bluebook. The blue pages at the front of the book intended more for practicing attorneys. 

An effective method for using the Bluebook is to use the index at the back of the book to look up the type of source you are trying to cite. It is common to see Bluebooks tabbed with Post-it tabs marking the most commonly used sections. You can also use the quick guide to Bluebooking in the Cite Checking Resources guide for more details on commonly used sections. 

Other Bluebooking Resources

Georgetown Law Library Bluebook Guide offers a detailed guide on using the Bluebook. It is a great resource for those new to Bluebooking.