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California Case Materials Checklist
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Dec 8, 2014
This guide is intended to familiarize the user with the California Court structure, publication of California decisions, and resources for finding the text of California cases. Primary sources are listed as well as important Internet links.
Tags: california_law, case_research
California Legislative History
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Dec 8, 2014
Compiling a California legislative history can be time-consuming. This Guide is intended to help you through the process of examining legislative intent by taking you step-by-step through the sources of CA legislative intent in our library and online.
Tags: california_law, california_statutes, legislative_history
Cite Checking Resources
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Nov 5, 2014
This guide is designed to help law students start their first cite checking assignment, and is also intended to be a reference that students can return to at anytime for assistance with typical cite checking questions.
Depublication of California Court of Appeal Decisions
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Nov 4, 2014
This guide provides pertinent information regarding the rules for publication of appellate court opinions as well as information on how to determine whether a particular appellate case can be cited as legal authority.
Tags: appeal, california_court_of_appeal, citators, depublication, opinions, partial_publication, unpublished_opinions
Finding California Statutes
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Jun 11, 2012
This guide outlines resources for California statutory materials, such as statutes, codes, initiatives, referenda, uncodified statutes and superceded law available in the UCLA Law Libray as well as online.
Tags: california_law, california_statutes, codes, initiatives, propositions, referenda
Using Perma to Archive URLs for Law Review Citations
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Apr 16, 2014
How to create and cite URLs for law reviews and journals at UCLA Law

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