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General Research Guides
Cite Checking Resources
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Nov 5, 2014
This guide is designed to help law students start their first cite checking assignment, and is also intended to be a reference that students can return to at anytime for assistance with typical cite checking questions.
Dockets and Court Documents in Bloomberg Law
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Nov 1, 2014
Provides step-by-step instructions for locating court dockets in and retrieving court documents from Bloomberg Law.
How to Find a Case by Name or Topic Using Print Sources
by Donna Gulnac - Last Updated Nov 21, 2014
This guide will take you through finding cases by Name or Topic using the print resources available in the UCLA Law Library. Numerous online sources exist for locating cases. Vist our guides on California and Federal Case Materials for details.
How to Find Law and Non-Legal Journal & News Articles Online
by June Kim - Last Updated Jan 18, 2013
This guide will provide instructions on how to find law review and journal articles, non-legal journal articles, legal news articles, and general news articles.
How to Read a Legal Citation
by Donna Gulnac - Last Updated Oct 2, 2014
A guide to deciphering those cryptic legal citations.
Preparing for the California Bar Exam and MPRE
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Dec 9, 2014
This California Bar Exam guide provides an overview of steps law students can take to prepare for the California Bar Exam and the MPRE. Information regarding deadlines, topics covered on the California Bar Exam, and other helpful resources are provided.
UCLA School of Law Legal Research and Writing Guide
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Dec 4, 2014
This Guide provides basic research and writing guidance for UCLA School of Law students beginning their legal careers.
Using Online Resources to Find Non-Legal Journal Articles
by Antoinette Morales-Tanner - Last Updated Nov 21, 2014
This is a brief guide to searching for online articles using resources available at UCLA.

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