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California Law
Animal Law Research Guide
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Oct 29, 2014
The Animal Law Research Guide provides guidance for students researching animal law and advocacy, as well as the discussion of animals in the fields of philosophy, cultural studies, gender and women's studies, environmental studies, and literary theory.
California Administrative Law
by Jennifer Lentz - Last Updated May 19, 2014
This guide provides an overview for researching California administrative or regulatory law in the UCLA Law Library. This guide covers finding, updating and tracking regulations, as well as agency decisions and rulings.
California Case Materials Checklist
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Dec 8, 2014
This guide is intended to familiarize the user with the California Court structure, publication of California decisions, and resources for finding the text of California cases. Primary sources are listed as well as important Internet links.
California Legal Ethics
by June Kim - Last Updated Nov 13, 2014
This guide outlines the state statutes and rules that govern attorney conduct in California. Print and electronic resources are listed as a means to provide the researcher with a general understanding of California legal ethics.
California Legislative Advocacy
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Oct 29, 2014
This pathfinder aims to assist researchers in locating materials on the legislative process in California. Researchers will learn how to find and track proposed legislation and how to engage in effective advocacy.
California Legislative History
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Dec 8, 2014
Compiling a California legislative history can be time-consuming. This Guide is intended to help you through the process of examining legislative intent by taking you step-by-step through the sources of CA legislative intent in our library and online.
Depublication of California Court of Appeal Decisions
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Nov 4, 2014
This guide provides pertinent information regarding the rules for publication of appellate court opinions as well as information on how to determine whether a particular appellate case can be cited as legal authority.
Dockets and Court Documents in Bloomberg Law
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Nov 1, 2014
Provides step-by-step instructions for locating court dockets in and retrieving court documents from Bloomberg Law.
Finding California Statutes
by Cheryl Kelly Fischer - Last Updated Jun 11, 2012
This guide outlines resources for California statutory materials, such as statutes, codes, initiatives, referenda, uncodified statutes and superceded law available in the UCLA Law Libray as well as online.
Online Legal Research: Beyond LexisNexis & Westlaw
by June Kim - Last Updated Nov 13, 2014
This Guide describes a wide range of online legal research resources. It covers primary law, government resources, research guides, reference sources, forms, and legal news.
Preparing for the California Bar Exam and MPRE
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Dec 9, 2014
This California Bar Exam guide provides an overview of steps law students can take to prepare for the California Bar Exam and the MPRE. Information regarding deadlines, topics covered on the California Bar Exam, and other helpful resources are provided.
UCLA School of Law Legal Research and Writing Guide
by Vicki Steiner - Last Updated Dec 4, 2014
This Guide provides basic research and writing guidance for UCLA School of Law students beginning their legal careers.

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