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Mobile Applications for Law Students and Lawyers: Featured Apps

Provides summaries of mobile applications for law students and lawyers, including for iOS and Android. Check back often and send us your favorites!
CAUTION:  Legal apps are not a replacement for official sources of law (available at the Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library, in your employer's law library, or on certified governmental websites).

Featured Apps

Finding New Apps

Device Survey

What type of smartphone or handheld device do you use? If you use more than one type of device (such as the iPad and an Android phone), please let us know the types in a comment. Thank you!

Device Survey
Android: 181 votes (45.36%)
Blackberry: 23 votes (5.76%)
iPad: 46 votes (11.53%)
iPhone: 99 votes (24.81%)
iPod Touch: 4 votes (1%)
Palm: 3 votes (0.75%)
I use one or more different types of smartphones: 25 votes (6.27%)
Other: 18 votes (4.51%)
Total Votes: 399