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California Bar Exam and MPRE: 5. Bar Exam Fees

This California Bar Exam guide provides an overview of steps law students can take to prepare for the California Bar Exam and the MPRE. Information regarding deadlines, topics covered on the California Bar Exam, and other helpful resources are provided.

Helpful Information

Estimated Fees for the California Bar Exam and MPRE

The following table provides estimates for the fees associated with applying for and taking the California Bar Exam as of August 2017. Please note the regular deadlines listed in the table!

Description  Deadline Regular Fee Late Fee

Application for Registration with the California Bar
Note: Registration with the State Bar is not the same as registering for the California Bar Exam. Registration with the Bar is required prior to:
1) obtaining certification to practice as a law student (required for most UCI Law clinics); 2) submitting the application for moral character; 3) submitting the application to take the Bar Exam.

The State Bar advises students to register within 90 days of matriculation in law school. $119 None

MPRE Registration
Test Offered in: 

  • March 
  • August 
  • November
Regular Registration Deadline ($95)
  • January for March Exam
  • June for August Exam
  • September for Nov. Exam

Late Registration Deadline ($190 fee)**

  • February for March Exam
  • June for August 1 Exam
  • September for November  Exam

Application for Moral Character Determination

The application is good for three (3) years. Students should plan to complete it in the Fall of their third year. $551.00

Live Scan Fingerprinting and Passport Photo

UCLA Law students will receive information about fingerprinting services offered at the law school from Student Services.

90 days prior to submission of Moral Character application Varies

If Moral Character application is submitted more than 90 days after the fingerprints were taken, students must pay to have the prints re-taken.

A passport-type photograph is required of all examinees for the MPRE.

Application to take the Bar Exam
Registration typically opens in November for the February bar exam, and in March for the July bar exam.  Some popular examination sites, such as San Diego, fill quickly. Applicants are encouraged to register early to ensure a spot in their preferred testing location.

Please see registration deadlines on the State Bar website. $677.00
  • Late fee $50 if filed between the first and last business days of April for the July bar exam, and between the first and last business days of November for the February bar exam.
  • Late fee $250 if filed between the last business day of April and the final filing deadline for the July bar exam, and the last business day of November and the final filing deadline for the February bar exam.

Laptop Fee

Due at same time as application to take the Bar Exam $153.00 Late fee of $15 applies if filed after the regular filing deadline

Bar Review Course
Cost will vary depending on which provider you select, e.g.:

  • Themis Bar Review is $1,695
  • Kaplan Bar Review is $3,445
The rate shown in the Regular Fee column is for BARBRI, simply for purposes of illustrating an average cost and NOT as an endorsement by the Law School.
Varies by company $4,145
(includes $250 non-refundable registration fee)

Additional Expenses 
Set aside funds to cover living expenses during the summer, and, depending on your circumstances, staying at a hotel during the Bar Exam. Rate information for hotels near test centers is available on the State Bar Web site. Please note the hotels have cut-off dates for reserving rooms at these special rates.

Varies Varies Higher room rates may apply at a certain date. Confirm with hotels the cut-off dates for special rates.