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California Administrative Law: Tracking Pending Regulations

This guide provides an overview for researching California administrative or regulatory law in the UCLA Law Library. This guide covers finding, updating and tracking regulations, as well as agency decisions and rulings.

Tracking Pending California Regulations

There is no exact parallel to the Federal Register on the California level, but the California Regulatory Notice Register does publish proposed regulations.  This is popularly known as the “Z Register” to distinguish it from the Register (see description of California Regulatory Code Supplement below).  The numbering follows the format of the California Regulatory Notice Register, but tacks on a “Z” at the end of the number.  Substantial discussion of the reason for a proposed regulation is often included, which can provide a form of “regulatory intent.”  Unfortunately, the Z Registers are not indexed, so tracing back to find this intent may mean thumbing through issues of the Z Register that cover the time period during which a regulation may have been considered.

California Regulatory Notice Register (“Z Register”).

First published in April of 1974, this weekly publication supplements the California Code of Regulations by reporting all proposed regulatory changes within state agencies, including regulation summaries and summaries of disapproval decisions. 

Library: KFC 36 C2 (Level 2) UCLA has from 1988
Westlaw: California Regulation Tracking Database
LexisAdvance: The Z Register is not currently available on Lexis Advance.  For assistance accessing it through LexisNexis, please contact a reference librarian.
Internet: Regulatory Notice Register from OAL site
OAL posts notices for a minimum of 18 months