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California Administrative Law: Updating Regulations

This guide provides an overview for researching California administrative or regulatory law in the UCLA Law Library. This guide covers finding, updating and tracking regulations, as well as agency decisions and rulings.

Updating California Regulations

The text of final regulations are first published in a supplement to the California Code of Regulations called the California Regulatory Code Supplement. This is sometimes referred to as the Register. 

California Regulatory Code Supplement (“Register”).

Published weekly.  “History” notes in the CCR that refer to Register No. xx-xxx are referring to this supplement.  The current year’s register is interfiled into the current CCR.  Prior years’ registers are available on microfiche.  Since 1992, volume 1 of the CCR includes a Digest of New Regulations, which summarizes new regulations.






KFC 35 1990 A2 (Interfiled into current CCR)
Microfiche KFC 35 1990 .A2 (Microform Room) (Varied coverage 1990 - 2002)
CD-ROM KFC 35 1990 .A2 (Circulation Desk) (2002 - Current)

California Code of Regulations (in the top righthand corner of the screen, click "Updates")