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California Statutes: Other Points of Access

This guide outlines resources for California statutory materials, such as statutes, codes, initiatives, referenda, uncodified statutes and superceded law available in the UCLA Law Libray as well as online.

Useful Links

Finding References to California Statutes

LexisNexis’ Shepard’s and Westlaw’s KeyCite citators provide citations to cases, attorney general opinions, legal periodical articles and some legal texts which have referred to a particular code or statute. California Codes can be Shepardized or KeyCited by their title and section numbers or, for uncodified sections, by their year and Chapter number.

  1. LexisNexis’ Shepard’s California Citations, Cases and Statutes (The Law Library no longer subscribes to the print version of Shephard's).

    Library: The Web version is available on public computers 1 & 2 in the Reference Reading Room. For public user login, see detailed instructions next to these computers.
    LexisNexis:  Shepard’s on LexisNexis

  2. Westlaw’s KeyCite KeyCite also provides citations to selected secondary sources, such as American Law Reports annotations and the Witkin’s publications.

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