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California Legislative History: Additional Steps Outside UCLA Law Library

Compiling a California legislative history can be time-consuming. This Guide is intended to help you through the process of examining legislative intent by taking you step-by-step through the sources of CA legislative intent in our library and online.

Guide Outline

    1. Annotated Codes
      1. Chapter law & bill number
      2. Review citations
    2. Statutes and Amendments to the Codes
      1. Bill number
      2. Legislative Counsel’s Digest
    3. Senate Final History and Assembly Final History
    4. Bill Analyses
      1. Assembly File Analysis
      2. Committee and floor analyses 
      3. Senate Committee on Judiciary. Agenda
    5. Bill Text Amendments
    6. Hearings and Reports
      1. UCLA Library Catalog
      2. California Law Revision Commission
      3. California State publications
      4. Senate and Assembly Journals 
    7. Other Useful Sources
      1. State Assembly Chief Clerk Archives
      2. Pacific Law Journal 
      3. CEB Review of Selected Code Legislation 
      4. California Judicial Council Report 
      5. California Journal
      6. Cases and law reviews
      7. Newspaper articles

Outside UCLA Law Library

  1. Additional materials may be available in the California State Archives including legislative committee working papers, departmental and legislative files, and certain records of the Governor’s office. 

    "The Archives also provides research service for those located outside the Sacramento area who are seeking legislative history information. If a researcher can specify a particular chapter or bill (for a total of up to six), Archives staff will identify and photocopy materials in our collection relating to the bill(s) at a cost of $0.25/page. The service usually requires about 3-4 working days for research with additional time required for photocopying depending on the size of the order."

    Office of the Secretary of State State Archives
    1020 O Street Sacramento, CA  95814
    (916) 653-2246
  2. Older committee analyses and other additional material may be available at the Los Angeles County Law Library.
    The LA County Law Library recently purchased from the CA State Archives a microfilm collection of the bill files from the California Senate Committee on the Judiciary (this includes senate and assembly bills) for the years 1969-1994.

    301 W. First Street
    Los Angeles, CA  90012
    (213) 785-2529
  3. If your statute was passed recently (within the past five years or so), contact the legislative consultants who worked for the committees that considered the bill (the name(s) of the consultants may be found at the end of the Assembly Bill Analyses) and/or the office of the legislator who sponsored the bill.  For telephone numbers and email addresses, consult the California On-Line Directory.
  4. California State Library
    The Library is the official California State Document Depository and houses the largest collection of California state documents in the United States.  The Library’s collection contains publications and reports that record the State’s political history, natural history, socioeconomic condition, and culture. Some of the types of documents that can be found include: Legislative proceedings, hearings, and research reports. For more information, please contact the Government Publications Section by telephone at 916-654-0261 or by e-mail at
  5. Several private companies in the Sacramento area specialize in legislative intent research.  These firms, of course, charge a fee for their services. 
    Legislative Intent Service, Inc.
    712 Main Street
    Woodland, CA  95695
    (800) 666-1917   
    Legislative Research Inc.
    1109 9th St., Ste. 220
    Sacramento, CA  95814
    (800) 530-7613

    Jan Raymond,
    Legislative History & Intent